Cross Borders with Confidence via BEST International Expedited Shipping

When your expedited shipping needs to cross borders into Canada or Mexico, you face a number of choices and challenges. That is why you should face them with the company that puts a personal face on international expedited shipping: Express-1. The experience our Border Expedite Solutions Team (BEST) will bring to your international expediting is beyond compare. But if you must compare us to foreign or other domestic suppliers of international expedited freight services, consider these thoughts:

  • What are the hidden costs?
  • Will you be confident that your shipments will arrive on time and intact?
  • Do you have a POD?
  • Is ALL of your paperwork complete and completed correctly?
  • Are your specialized needs being addressed, such as flatbed, heavy haul, temperature control and more?
  • Are you putting your customer—and your company—in jeopardy?

Your reputation travels along with every shipment you expedite, and we have a reputation for success and personal attention to every detail. BEST International Expedited offers completely integrated solutions with Canadian and Mexican carrier providers (including Intra-Mexico). We work with only the best to bring you the peace of mind you need in international expediting.

BEST International Expedited Features

  • Point-of-Discharge (POD) options
  • Paperwork support
  • Shipping to Canada and Mexico
  • E-1 Live, our GPS-based tracking solution featuring Qualcomm technology 
    • Driver communications
    • ETA warnings
    • Automatic event notifications
  • Personalized attention
  • Specialized needs support*
  • Competitive pricing


*Specialized needs support

  • Flatbed
  • Heavy haul
  • Air charter
  • Air freight options
  • Temperature controlled
  • Blanket wrap
  • Lift gate delivery

Make Sure BEST International Expedited Shipping is Your Best Choice

To ensure if BEST International Expedited Shipping is the best way to get your expedited shipment to its destination, view our “When and How to Expedite” flowchart.

If BEST International Expedited isn’t the right solution for you, check out:

download iconDownload our “Guide to Effective Expediting” brochure

download iconDownload our BEST International Expedited Shipping Solutions sell sheet


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Express-1 is a leader in serving to, from and intra Mexico. With their experience and knowledge of the unique challenges working in the Mexico market, we can trust them to transport our loads safely and securely.


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